Welcome to BeingMindful.com

This website is a resource to help you learn the meditation and mindfulness techniques that can help you cope with stress and be more resilient to adversities.

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Mindfulness is the skill that helps us

1. Stay in touch with present moment experiences
2. Stops us from getting lost in thoughts and emotions.

This site is dedicated to helping you cultivate the mental discipline of MINDFULNESS

When you are mindful you have the option to let go of:

1. Afflicted emotions
2. Ruminating thoughts
3. Self centered behavior

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When we are mindful and let go of our negative emotions, we can see the world in a more open and caring way, which opens us up to compassion

Grow your mindfulness!

Meditation can help develop the critical skills of awareness concentration and self-discipline.   Awareness helps one make more thoughtful and less reactive decisions.   Concentration and self-discipline helps one be more effective in planning and implementing successful strategies that are critical in professional and Personal life.  The sense of well being developed through meditation practices lead to a pro-active, confident approach to life’s inevitable challenges.

Attend A Class

There are classes in Houston
at the Houston Jung Center
and the West University Seniors Center

The Mindful Corporation

Bring a meditation program that is
personalized to your organization
and taught at your location.

Integrate and Embody - 28 Day program

There is a free 28 day step by step program to help you get started with a meditation and mindfulness practice.   There are meditation instructions and guided meditations.    There are also “micro practices” that you can do throughout the day to cultivate your mindfulness.

Discussion Groups

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There are two free discussion groups.   Insight Meditation Houston is led by Ginger Clarkson and meets weekly on Monday evenings.   There is a seniors group led by Stan Merrill that meets at West University Seniors Center on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays at 2 PM.