Body Scan Meditation

Body Scan Meditation

Body Scan Meditation The Body Scan is a simple but powerful technique to help you cultivate a regular meditation practice.  This video / guided meditation explains how to do the body scan and also why it is particularly helpful to beginners.   Other Blogs Long...

What Is A GoodPerson

What is a good person? This is a talk based on a Sojong newsletter sent out by Anam Thubten about what it means to be a good person. Should we have compassion for all? Should the compassion be altruistic? If you develop unconditional altruistic compassion what will be...

Cultivating Mental Discipline: Mindfulness and Insight

If you are irritated by every rub, how will you be polished? Rumi   Cultivating Mental Discipline: Mindfulness and Insight (Online Class)    AT THE HOUSTON JUNG CENTER Taught by Stanley Merrill Four Tuesdays,June 28 - July 12, 19 and 266 - 7:30pm CT Jung Center...

Coping With Stress

Coping With Stress

Coping with Stress A guided meditation This 10-minute guided meditation helps you relax and calm the mind in spite of our daily inevitable challenges.  When we are able to breathe long, slow, and deep while focussing our attention on the present moment, our...


Body scan meditation for a good night's sleep   OVERVIEW -  One of the most practical uses of the body scan meditation technique is to help you go to sleep, sleep more soundly and allow you to go back to sleep should you awake. HOW THE BODY SCAN HELPS INHIBITORS...


Having a sense of gratitude can alter our disposition. We feel more confident, optimistic and appreciative and can deal with challenges much more effectively. The practices described here help us see the world through grateful eyes.


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