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to Your Corporation


Meditation is


A study done by the British Government found that employees who practiced meditation and mindfulness concluded:

  • The number of days off for stress, anxiety and depression fell by 71% over the ensuing three years.

  • Employee absences fell by 50% over that time.

  • 80% of participants reported improvements in their relationships.

  • 79% reported improvements in their ability to relax.

  • 64% reported improvement in sleep patterns.

  • 53% reported improvement in general work satisfaction.

* The British Government conducted a study to test the effectiveness of mindfulness and meditation techniques in the corporate environment.   The results can be found in the book, “Mindfulness @ Work: Reduce stress, live mindfully and be happier and more productive,” by Anna Black

Employees and the corporate workplace benefit from Meditation and Mindfulness

The benefits

Mental Discipline

  • The ability to concentrate and focus.

  • The ability to be aware of one’s thoughts but not be driven by them.

“The mind is a wonderful servant, but a terrible master.”  – Robin Sharma

Cultivate Leadership

Cultivate Leadership

  • Compassion

  • Become fully conscious

    -Help nuture Emotional Intelligence

    -Help nuture Emotional Regulation

Becoming conscious when your emotions are triggered gives you the ability to pause and act constructively.


Letting Go

Developing Resiience


Becoming Proactive

  • What is the most constructive thing I can do in this moment?

Letting Go

  • Become conscious of your state of mind.

  • Become an objective observer of yourself in order to ask the right questions:

    • Are my thoughts helpful?

    • Are my thoughts True?

Develop Resilience

  • Cultivate Confidence and Grit

Cope with Stress

Face Challenges Effectively

Cope with stress more effectively

Mistakes and disappointments are part of everyday life.  Learn to cope with stress more effectively.


Face these challenges:

Learn to use meditation and mindfulness techniques to relax one’s minds and body  and face challenges with well-being, confidence and optimism.

The program

for  The

Mindful Corporation

The program consists of two parts

Classroom Instruction

Option 1: Four 1.5 hour classes, or

Option 2: One 4 hour workshop





  • Why Meditate
  • Meditation and Mindfulness
  • Letting go: Focus on solutions
  • Compassion 

Classroom Topics and instruction

Class 1:

Why Meditate?

Understand what drives stress and why and how meditation helps us decrease it.

Class 2:

Gaining Skills in Meditation and Mindfulness

Meditation and Mindfulness exercises for beginners.


Class 3:

Letting go: Focus on Solutions

Understand the concept of “Letting go” and how to use this to find solutions that manage daily stress.

Class 4:

Compassion: An Essential Leadership Skill

Understanding one’s motivation and those of team members in order to improve communication strategies, relationships, and enhance effective team building.


Additional “Integrate and Embody” Program
Four weeks

5 – 20 minutes per day

 To include readings and suggested meditations. 

Each Day

  • One Paragraph review of a key topic.

  • Short beginners meditation practices to make meditation accessible, even to people with busy schedules.

  • Micro practices: Short practices throughout the day for people without the time for daily formal practices.

  • Aspirational practices: Use positive psychology to become aware of, remember, and savor the good things in life to help one face challenges more effectively.

The facilitator:

Stanley Merrill,

B.A., M.S. Physics, M.S. Computer Science

Certified Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher

Mr. Merrill’s certification is through the “Awareness Training Institute” of the University of California, Berkeley’s “Greater Good Science Center.” This two-year program is taught by Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach, two of the leading “Insight Meditation” teachers in the United States.`

Professional Work Experience:

23-year career with IBM:


  • Systems Engineer

  • Systems Engineer Manager

  • Database Specialist

  • Application Development Specialist

Professional Mindfulness and Meditation Teaching Experience

  • Houston Jung Center

  • West University Senior Center

  • Houston Area Parkinson’s Society

  • DeBakey VA center

  • Chevron Corporation