Why Meditate?

  • Dramatizations and Catastrophyzing are endemic but do not serve us well.

  • We need

    • To become consciouis of our thoughts.

    • Cultivate the mental discipline to stop and find constructive actions instead of destructive reactions.

  • Meditation builds these skills

Four Week Program

This page has all that you need to get started with a meditation program. 

  • Guided meditations

  • Meditation guidelines

  • Micro practices 

Guided Meditations

These are guided meditations.   It provides you a chance to try a variety of different meditation techniques.

Sleep – Helpful Meditations

This has guided meditations and recommendations to help you sleep better.


  • Meditation Groups

  • Recommended books

  • Articles

  • Poems

  • Youtube Videos

  • Insight Timer App

Quotes and Prayers

These are some quotes and prayers that you might want to include in your daily meditation Practices

Mindfulness Studies

These are some articles that show the effectiveness of meditation in helping reduce stress and increase resilience. 

Luna Program

There are handouts for a 6 week course in meditation at Luna.